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In an environment where guest experience and results are desired in equal measures, JK Spa Zone is a haven of exceptional, results driven products to help define and differentiate your spa. A collection of effective solutions to enhance your guests’ spa experience, generate auxiliary revenue and simply make your life as the spa operator that little bit easier!

With a genuine shift in the consumer’s psyche acknowledging the benefits of an enhanced focus on selfcare, wellbeing and health, spas and wellness centres can embrace a wonderful opportunity to extend their reach to a wider base of guests.

At JK Spa Zone we focus on product and support solutions that generate revenue but require no upskilling for staff. Importantly, they attract new guest footfall and enhance the spa experience for all guests from the moment they step into your spa.

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Wellsystem Spa and Wellsystem Spa
A new concept in touchless spa treatments

Wellsystem Spa and Wellsystem Spa_Complete, a new experience in touchless spa treatments. Wellsystem Spa presents a heated and touchless hydromassage experience. Complement the experience with Spa_Complete and it evolves into dry water massage that connects all the senses through light, colour, sound and smell.

With minimum space requirement and no direct staff costs, the Wellsystem has broad guest appeal. As a spa differentiation experience it requires no guest change of clothes, can be used at any time, is a touchless and hygienic service helping to attract and introduce new user groups into the spa environment.

At JK Spa Zone we focus on product and support solutions that generate revenue but require no upskilling for staff. Importantly, they attract new guest footfall and enhance the spa experience for all guests from the moment they step into your spa.

  • Minimum space requirement
  • Touchless
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Self-explanatory operation
  • Spa experience differentiation
  • Wide appeal to attract new guests
  • Wide appeal to existing guests
  • Excellent revenue generator
  • No direct staff costs or upskilling
pure Air Sterilisation
Ensuring guest, staff and visitor confidence, a clean and hygienic spa environment can be enhanced with pure, a super functioning air sterilisation unit that quietly and effectively eliminates over 99.9% of known pathogens including Coronavirus.

The pure Steribase 450 combines patented Virobuster technology with an attractive and practical design. The air is passed through a patented UVPE (Ultraviolet Pathogen Elimination) field with UVC light, eliminating viruses and bacteria at once. Unlike plasma technology, UVC does not produce any harmful Ozone gas or any other harmful waste products which can damage lung tissue in even small doses. pure is manufacturerd in Germany by our parent company, the JK Group, global specialists in UV and light technology.

With a solution available to suit all footfall and air-volume environments, the pure airsterilisation system offers three options: the Steribase 450 free-standing unit and the space-saving wall-mounted Steribase 250 – both simply plug into a regular power socket, and the Basictube interlocking unit, is ideal for integrating into existing spa ventilation and airconditioning systems.

Emotional Connection Through Ambient Scenting
Creating exceptional customer experiences with ambient scenting enables an emotional connection with your guests and is a key differentiation in delivering a superior guest experience.

ScentLinq’s advanced scent diffusion technologies and professional scent solutions are made with high quality components. Partnering with one of the world’s top fragrance developers, you can select from a large scent collection specially developed for ScentLinq.

Our goal is to link the emotions and memories that are buried deep in our olfactorial archive at the subliminal level using the powerful sense of smell. Reach your guests on an emotional level and discover the impact this can make on your business and your brand.

The ScentLinq ‘Plug and Smell’ portable scent diffusion system measures just 16.5cm (W) x 16.5cm (D) x 52cm (H). Its advanced electronic control panel has 3 separate time slots per day programming capability with a 250ml or 100ml scent refill capacity.

Next Generation Airbrush Spray Tanning

The #1 professional sunless brand in the USA, Norvell has mastered the art and science of sunless tanning. With a comprehensive selection of tested and proven products delivering the most natural results,

Norvell offers premium award-winning solutions and supplies that build staff confidence and customer loyalty. Sulphate, paraben and gluten free, with a natural colour complex from a blend of botanicals with naturally derived and organic ingredients. Non-Comedogenic and 100% vegan.

For auxiliary revenue, the Norvell retail range, only available in spa, wellness and beauty environments, adds an exceptional revenue stream both in-spa and online. Guests can extend and showcase their sunless tan at home adding just a hint of colour or touch of shimmer.

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  • A) Oasis™ Airbrush Spray Gun
  • B) Handheld Spray Tan Solution - 1 US Gallon - Dark
  • C) Handheld Spray Tan Solution - 1 Litre - Dark
Glow with the Faux

CosmoSun, the luxury sun-care and self-tan collection, by leading lifestyle brand Cosmopolitan. This cruelty-free, vegan and paraben free collection consists of five sunless tanning essentials; Sunless Mousse with instant colour, Instant Body Bronzer wash off formula, Sun Lotion with Shimmer, Overnight Sunless Lotion and Liquid Sunshine tanning water. Additionally, there are three sun products: Water resistant sunscreens in SPF 30 and 55+ and an After Sun Moisturiser with soothing cucumber and aloe. The Applicator Mitt for the self-tanning products completes the range. The perfect product range for your guests’ sun care needs and an ideal year round retail sales line for the spa.

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Luxurious professional formulas enriched with 100% Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil, one of nature’s richest sources of Essential Fatty Acids, nutrients and vitamins that promote keratin formation and improve the strength, condition and health of hair. Ideal for in-spa use and to blend into retail sales.

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  • A) Milk & Honey Herbal Hand & Foot Crème
  • B) Fresh Coconut & Watermelon Sugar Body Scrub
  • C) Age Defying Renewing Herbal Body Wash
  • D) Lips - Ultra Moisturizing Herbal Lip Balm
Hempz Body Care

All Hempz products are enriched with 100% Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil. They are also vegan, gluten free, paraben free and THC free. Every product in the range is formulated to heal and renew skin and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

This is just a small sample of the wide range of skin and hair care products available. All suitable for in-spa and spa-online retail.

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Automated Spray Tanning

Introduce your guests to automated tanning. A quick and easy option for an immediate, flawless and natural looking tan. Simple operation with no attending staff and automated instructions for the guest. This touchless service presents an auxiliary revenue generator and is an excellent addition to a spa’s traditional offering to help capture attention and introduce a wider guest base to the spa.

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Beauty Energising Light
Technology with Radiance

The Radiance Energising Light Technology is a natural and relaxing anti-ageing treatment to stimulate the skin’s natural production of collagen, elastin and hyaluron on the face, neck and decolletage for a clearer, rejuvenated skin. It does this be delivering a broad spectrum of light at the same time instead of selected wavelengths. This makes the light therapy rejuvenation much more effective. Perfect as a treatment on its own or to boost the effects of a facial.

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The Company

The JK Health and Beauty
Technologies Group

Choosing the right products for your spa is an integral part of your business success and selecting the right company to supply is an essential element of that success.

JK Spa Zone was introduced by JK Health & Beauty Technologies Group plc to specifically assist and simplify this process for all spa professionals, from single site spas through to global spa and wellness groups.

From spa essentials to tried and tested favourites combined with a commitment to keep you ahead of trends and on top of product development and innovation – a clear advantage for our clients in the desire to ever-improve the spa experience for your guests.

Our established heritage of over 30 years has put us at the forefront of R&D, production, sampling and product testing an exceptional range of spa and leisure focussed products from around the world. Our parent company JK Group GmbH is the global market leader for commercial light technologies manufactured to ‘Made in Germany’ high quality standards.

As a valued client, you can be confident of our commitment to your business. Our JK Spa Zone team offers a nationwide reach, including the Republic of Ireland, for product information, sales and finance options (including leasing), installation, maintenance and services, after-sales support, marketing and communications, all of which are core elements in our JK Spa Zone Client Care Programme.

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